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Solstice Run

solstice run congo     Winter Solstice Run

The Solstice Run’s are overnight & all-day ultra-runs held on the shortest night of the year (Summer Solstice) and shortest day of the year (Winter Solstice). Summer’s overnight run starting at sunset, continuing 40 miles south along Michigan’s Leelanau Peninsula until sunrise. Winter’s all-day run starting at sunrise, continuing 40 miles along Florida’s scenic highway 30A until sunset. There’s not a registration fee for Solstice Runs. Instead participating runners are asked to solicit pledges from friends and family to support OTG’s project choice – a goal of $1,000 per runner, but all contributions are welcome. For 2014, both Solstice Run funds will go directly to OTG’s Project Congo supporting gender quality initiatives and women’s empowerment programs in the eastern region of Democratic Republic of the Congo.

This is all about fun, adventure and camaraderie – it’s not a race! It also has transpired to training for Run Across Ethiopia and Run Across Palestine participants. The annual runs have occurred during both the summer and winter solstices, ranging from 30-40 miles during the shortest days and shortest nights of the year. For some it’s the first of their Solstice Runs, for others it may be their 5th or even 6th! This will be one of the most amazing life experiences you have, join us and together we will make a difference. There are only 100 spots for 2014’s Summer and Winter Solstice Runs so don’t wait to sign-up!

Join the crew for the 2014 Winter Solstice Run
Santa Rosa Beach, Florida – December 21, 2014


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Distance Options

The Solstice Runs offer four options:

  • 40 miles – The Whole Shebang
  • 20 miles – Half
  • Relay – You and 3 others each run 10 miles (4 per team)
  • 10 miles – Winter Solstice: First 10 mile option, Summer Solstice: First or Last 10 mile option


The Summer Solstice Run is hosted in Northern Michigan in what’s known as the most beautiful places in the world, Leelanau Peninsula. Commencing at North Lighthouse Point (the northernmost point of Michigan’s Leelanau Peninsula) traveling  40 miles through the night south along the west shore of Grand Traverse Bay, coming to an end at the Senior Center Beach in Traverse City, Michigan.

The Winter Solstice Run is hosted in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida along scenic highway 30A. The run begins at sunrise from the westernmost point of Scenic Hwy 30A and continues along the beaches, around the many lakes of South Walton, and through Florida state forests.


The 2014 Solstice Runs are raising funds and awareness for OTG’s Project Congo. Participating runners are asked to raise $1000 each. (We will not turn anyone away who does not reach the goal-Minimum suggested donation of $100.)


  • Summer Solstice Run – Sunset, Friday, June 20, 2014 until Sunrise Friday, June 21, 2014
  • Winter Solstice Run – Sunrise, Sunday, December 21, 2014 until Sunset Sunday, December 21, 2014

How much does is cost?

There’s not a registration fee for The Solstice Run. Instead participating runners are asked to solicit pledges from friends and family to support Project Congo – a goal of $1,000 per runner, but all contributions are welcome. Funds will go directly to OTG’s Project Congo supporting women’s empowerment programs in the eastern region of the DRC.

How do I learn more?

After registering you will receive an entire packet with run details, fundraising and more information about On The Ground and Project Congo. Contact to answer any of your questions.

Click here for Summer Solstice Run Information

Click here for Winter Solstice Run Information


Summer Solstice Run 2014

2014 Solstice Run Start, Northport, MI. Photo by:

2014 Solstice Run Start, Northport, MI. Photo by:

On The Ground is excited to announce we have reached our goal to start Project Congo. Thanks in large part to our 2014 overnight Summer Solstice Run participants and your support, together we raised $30,000 to start the initiatives of Project Congo. These initiatives are focused on gender equality and empowering women’s committees within the farming communities of the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

donate-nowWe cannot do this work without YOU, our supporters. Your support is appreciated beyond words and we want you to know that this project is being started and continued because of you. You are the change in this world! Are you interested in supporting Project Congo? It’s not too late to donate to Project Congo efforts, click HERE to donate today!

Summer Solstice Run 2013

2013 solstice run participants

2013 Solstice Run Start, Northport, MI

Thanks in large part to our overnight 2013 Solstice Run participants and strong supporters, we raised over $19,000 to complete the Hase Gola Library project. A library is so much more to this community than we can realize. It works as a community center in an area where 39% of the population makes below the international poverty line of $1.25/ day. The literacy rate hovers just under 50% and average life expectancy is at 59 years. The library houses nearly 1000 books that meet Ethiopian Ministry of Education standards and is home to adult literacy classes, serving not just students but the whole community.


Winter Solstice Run 2011

Winter Solstice Training for the Run Across Palestine from Stone Hut Studios on Vimeo.

How do you prepare to run 129 miles in 5 days across Palestine? It starts with training runs in the cold, for hours on end. In this short video, a few of the runners for the Run Across Palestine spend all day during the 2011 Winter Solstice running across Traverse City, Michigan, strengthening their bodies and the bonds with their fellow runners.