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2016 Winter Solstice Run

Hit the Ground (and the Beaches) Running! December 17


It’s time again to start gearing up for On the Ground’s annual Winter Solstice Run! For the sixth consecutive year, OTG’s Winter Solstice Run will be an audacious, day-long, 40-mile ultrarun to celebrate the Winter Solstice and raise funds and awareness for all of OTG’s ongoing projects! This one-of-a-kind event takes place in Rosemary Beach, Florida. 

For a quick preview of what a Winter Solstice Run looks like, please watch the short video below.


Why Run?

DSC_9897On the Ground’s Winter Solstice Run is a phenomenal way to build a sense of community in Seaside, while raising funds and awareness for OTG’s Projects Congo, which supports gender equality initiatives in Eastern Kivu, DR Congo. Since 2014, numerous farming communities in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo’s South Kivu region have partnered with OTG to create gender equity programs and expand the role of women in regional coffee production. Despite often being responsible for up to 80% of coffee farms’ labor in the DRC, many women never see a single Congolese franc for their efforts. Additionally, according to a 2007 DRC Demographic and Health Survey, approximately 1.8 million women in the DRC have been raped, while another 3.37 million have suffered sexual violence at the hands of their intimate partners. However, communities partnering with OTG are working to change cultural norms through Gender Action Learning System (GALS) courses, which help men and women develop stronger, more sustainable communities through economic inclusivity and rejecting violence.

In addition to gender equality in the DRC, OTG also supports creating clean water initiatives in Chiapas, Mexico; expanding  access to education in Ethiopia; and developing food security programs in Nicaragua!

Join the Run!

The Solstice Runs offer four options:

  • 40 miles – The Whole Shebang
  • 20 miles – Half
  • Relay – You and 3 others each run 10 miles (4 per team)
  • 10 miles – First or Last 10 mile option







Whether you’re an ultrarunner or an aspiring marathoner, we’re excited to have you along for the journey! If you have more questions about the 2016 Winter Solstice Run, please contact

Advice from the Experts

Check back in for expert advice from Winter Solstice alums as we get closer to Dec. 17th!


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