Gender Equity Learning In Action

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Growing sustainable gender equity requires education, and fair access to education relies on gender equity. Which is why we’re excited our 2017-18 gender equity project with Congolese coffee communities has begun its GALS training stage.

Our Open Mic Night Was Great Because Of YOU!


Our Cooperative Coffees Open Mic Night Benefiting On the Ground was all about gathering good people to play good music and support the good goal of improving lives for coffee farmers. But, not of it would have been possible without You!

Something Incredible Is Taking Root In Chiapas

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  April 2018 CHIAPAS, MEXICO– After much hard work, something incredible is taking root across Maya Vinic Coffee Cooperative farms. The Farmer Fields Schools project, which begins its second year this month, is helping coffee farmers in southern Mexico think critically about what it means to grow sustainable coffee.   

Tests Complete, Testing Continues

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EASTERN CONGO–After days of sloshing down muddy, flooded South Kivu roads, Herman has finally concluded the first quarter exams for all 100 women participating in our Gender Equity and Education in Congo’s Coffeelands program.

And the results?

Imagine What Will Be My Joys…


“After one year on attending this program, I am sure I will learn so many things. Being for the first time of my life able to write a letter, able to read and calculate. You cannot imagine what will be my joys to write a phone number on a mobile and call myself without asking someone to support me.” – Tumusifu Renzaho, 27 years old mother of 5

My First Time To Touch A Pen


“Since I was born, this is my first time to touch a pen, or to learn to write and read. I want through this program to learn more from other women. I think that I will get my human dignity through this program.” – Katungu Mauli, 47 years old, mother of 10

Updated Look, Enduring Dedication


After nearly a decade of the same website, we thought it was time to update our look. But our commitment to creating a more socially just global coffee supply chain hasn’t changed. Neither has our belief that sustainable coffee can only start where inequity ends!  On the Ground is building sustainability in specialty coffee by […]

Photos From Our Gender-Based Violence Legal Clinics

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This September, OTG held a 4-day Congolese created and led GBV workshop for 30 female coffee farmers from rural villages. Additionally, 10 male participants from the Muungano Coffee Cooperative attended the training. Our team covered GBV prevention and the legal rights and protection women are entitled to after an attack.

Ending Gender-Based Violence in Congolese Coffeelands Through Greater Legal Education

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In 2006, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) updated many of its laws for the first time since the 1940s. Crimes such as sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape are now punishable by law. However, this important step toward increased social justice means little to an uninformed, often uneducated populace. Those most impacted by […]