Our Open Mic Night Was Great Because Of YOU!


April 2018

SEATTLE– If you weren’t there, we feel that the following chart probably best describes our Coopeartive Cofeess Open Mic Night Benefiting On the Ground at this year’s Specialty Coffee Expo.

Didn’t Have Did Have
Finger foods served by gloved attendants Free pizza
A stuffy dress code Free beer
Nametags, business cards Strangers dancing together
Powerpoint lectures on collaboration “trends” in the specialty coffee industry Four-straight hours of rip-roaring music produced by big coffee industry names and coffee farmers playing side-by-side

That’s what the evening was all about; no pretenses, just gathering good people to play good music and support the good goal of improving lives for coffee farmers.

All donations and silent auction sales throughout the evening benefited On the Ground’s gender equity and education work with coffee farming families in Congo.

The event was a hit, and there are several groups of people we’d like to thank for making it happen. 

First and foremost, thank you to La Marzocco and you amazing cafe manager for making this entire event possible (you’re a rock star Amy). Daily Coffee News, thank you for your coverage leading up to the event.

We’d also like to thank our event sponsors Amavida Coffee and Kickapoo Coffee, as well as Higher Grounds Trading Company and Just Coffee Cooperative who supplied volunteers and other integral support. The funds, resources, and staff you all contributed fueled this event and made it the great success it was.  

Thank you to all the amazing companies and organizations who donated equipment, product and swag: 


To all the incredible musicians who stepped up to play during this celebration of collaboration, we can’t thank you enough. You were the heart and soul of the Open Mic Night. (Anthony, don’t let that spark fade brother.)

Cooperative Coffees, what can we say?  Your commitment to putting producers first continues to be a guiding light in an industry which often values profits over the wellbeing of farming families. You’re an amazing group of women and men and we love ya.

But most of all we want to thank YOU!

Yes You. Thank you for attending. Thank you for donating. Thank you for bidding. Thank you for lending your voice, stomping your feet, taking to the floor and being a part of this all.

This event wouldn’t have been anything without you. On the Ground could not do what it does without you and your continued support.

We’ll see you next year in Boston on Saturday, April 13th. Until then, don’t stop rocking!