Supporting sustainable community development in farming regions across the world.

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Project Ethiopia

Project Ethiopia

Raising awareness on the importance of education & developing schools for young children in Ethiopia.

Project Palestine

Project Palestine

Planting thousands of olive trees and raising awareness for fair trade olive farmers in Palestine.

Project Chiapas

Project Chiapas

Creating access to clean water while building water systems for indigenous communities systems in Chiapas.

Project Congo

Project Congo

Aimed at constructive economic & social transformation for gender justice of women in DR Congo.

Project Homefront

Project Homefront

A platform incorporating the arts to educate, inspire, and engage the public within all other OTG projects.


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Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

Chiapas Water Project InitiativeStart a Campaign - Make a direct impact by involving your friends and family and together we will make a difference. With the help of Razoo, you can create your own personal webpage to help raise funds for your favorite OTG project.

Build a Partnership – OTG partnerships reach a common goal of global sustainability. OTG Partners are committed to creating access to basic necessitates of life including access to clean water and education.

Involve your School - Encourage youth to be global citizens, participating in positive change, & empower them to create an impact on others lives. Set up an OTG visit to your classroom.

Connect with Community - Host a documentary screening, organize a concert, engage your church, coordinate a run, or share your own brilliant idea to raise awareness and connect your community to OTG.

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Featured Post

el pradito children
El Pradito remains close to heart…
Reflections of OTG staff member Randi Lyn from her visit to El Pradito – Current Chiapas Water Project Initiative

“A place within my heart has been filled, a space reserved for my new friends who feel like family, and it’s heavy as I sit and ponder my return to the “norm.” I may never see Nena (Juanarenalda) of El Pradito again, but we share an unspoken bond of experiences. Witnessing her, an 11 year old, with the daily chore of washing the family’s laundry in the nearby river. I don’t know many 11-year-old girls who not only do their own laundry but the entire family’s, and by hand, after walking to the “washer” and in this case that “washer” being a river. She did it with such ease and rhythm in her repetition, not missing a beat as she scrubbed each piece with soap and then against the rock.”

“On The Ground supports sustainable community development in farming regions across the world.

We accomplish this mission by partnering with communities, donors and other NGOs in the most vulnerable regions of the world to build lasting community infrastructure. This infrastructure makes it possible for these communities to create real and meaningful prosperity for all their citizens. Our work is based in the creation and maintenance of long-term relationships to form international community resilience.”

- Norm Plumstead, OTG Board Chair